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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


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One advantage taking notes using the ipad is that you can email it and share it with someone. Btw , I just use the notes app readily available in the iPad.

Salam Pak Dib. It's been a while since I last commented. Haven't been reading much either. :)

I got an iPad a while back to use it to take notes in meetings and discussions, hoping to solve the paper mess problems i've been having. I also bought the pogo stylus and downloaded a few apps for note taking - penultimate was one that i remember trying.

the note taking didn't go well. i found it was too difficult to take proper notes using the stylus or the keyboard. i went back to scribbling on paper. but one thing i really love about the ipad is ibooks. i have a lot of documents (work related, magazines etc) in pdf and ibooks handles them quite well.

i recently decided to be a full time student (again), so i needed a better app to manage my lecture notes, which mostly are in pdfs and microsoft office documents. i found GoodReader a very good app since i can sort my notes in folders acording to subjects and lectures and i think it works with dropbox as well. :)

p/s: on a different subject, i would like to recommend iQuran HD. :P


Thanks Bro Izzat!Long time no see..

Salam. I find that Remarks and the native iPad Notes are the simplest of the lot

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