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Saturday, February 26, 2011


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Yess... TS Annuar Musa was the man man who turned around Kelantan from doodling at the bottom to the top spot within a short time after taking over the helm.. Now the stadium is 110% full everytime and giant screen need to be erected outside the stadium to cater for those without ticket..

Now everybody wants to be seen as having something with the Red Warriors. The fact is TS Annuar Musa has everything to be thanked for in bringing up Kelantan to top spot, from settling the players salary, to bonuses, to top training program. Now he is making a kind of aggreement with one of UK Premier League Club so that Kelantan players can have access to oversea expertice.. THis is the man who know what he is doing and know the way forward.. He is a PROJECT MANAGER!!!!!

Well said,my friend!I wish TS Annuar Musa all the best for the sake of Kelantan football.

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