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Sunday, January 16, 2011


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Well done to you Abedib. As for me, I've yet to return to regular riding. It's hard to get back the 'kick' and momentum for riding after a long lay off. In desperate need of a friend(s) to ride together.

I can always be your riding buddy.Let us fix a ride soon...Pls call me.

Salam Pak Adib,

Lama tak jumpa, pernah sembang ngan pak adib dulu masa PCM Super Sunday...nampak pak adib masa habis ride R4G tu, tapi tak sempat nak tegur sebab ramai sangat orang, dah tak nampak lepas tu..semangat tengok pak adib n the geng yang aktif berkayuh..harap boleh berjumpa lagi...jangan lupa upkan lagi gambar hihi..

Wassalam Shahrul Rashid.I was appointed by Perbadanan Putrajaya in their Committee for Putrajaya Inter Parks Ride.We do this ride almost every month since 6 months ago Last ride was on new year eve where more than 1000 riders took part.Our PCM organisers are also in the committee.I look forward to see in our next ride next month,insyaAllah.

I look forward to see in our next ride next month,insyaAllah.

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