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Monday, January 24, 2011


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I love Steve Job too!

He can deliver a good speech that is sharp and precise. No need for extra bunga-bunga.

Pak Adib, do you know anyone who can advise me on Project Management Professional Certification? I have been to Malaysia Institute of Management and listened to the pros of taking the cert.I would however, like to hear it from someone who has experienced taking the course.

Cik Kopi,
Pls communicate with me via email to: [email protected]

Havent heard of Mr Job.. maybe because I'm not a Macuser.. However, presentation skil.. that is interesting.. Any link on you tube or anywhere to get a feel of how he does that??

Li,Here is one:

TQ Abedib,
That is really something. He is passionate, uses very visual backlighting LCD projector and he has something new and interesting to tell.. I think that is the key.

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