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Monday, November 29, 2010


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Abedib, biasa la tu. taking photo indoor using DSLR requires not only skill but a good lens. the Lumix is an all rounder and is intelligent enough to do everything for the user. After a few practice with the DSLR you sure gonna be better.

Great photo. Low light photography is a challenge, and ideally a camera with a larger sensor is supposed to be better for that. Hand-held shots may be tricky, and usually finding something to prop my hand or camera against helps. One other 'trick' is to use the timer function as that will avoid movement from pressing the shutter button. If you used an N8, that is impressive.

Thanks for your comments-MHI and Alkam.One thing I learnt that I need more patience in taking photos using Nokia N8 mobile phone than my Lumix compact camera.

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