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Sunday, April 04, 2010


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Interesting to see that your son has joined the civil service. Was there a reason ? Or is he planning to follow your footsteps in a way ...

From my observation,I don't think he is doing it to follow my footsteps.I think more because of his personality..

salaam. saya baru mengikuti blog tuan, itupun krana nak cari penginapan di uk. nak try msia hall, tapi ada orang kata disana MSD sombong... i dont know.
i plan to go 7 july n plan to visit a fren in aberdeen, wish to go to legoland..
i like the poems.. i am a mother of 7, fulltime housewife,zainormiza zakaria is my name,age 44 years old. just recovered from major depression last may till dec
so anything regarding mothers touch me real lot..
have a sick mom to look after too but she is just too degil to stay v me..
fyi i stay in TTDI jaya..

Wassalam Puan Zainormiza.Thanks for visiting my blog and took time to leave your notes here.My last time in UK was almost 7years ago.Dealing with Malaysian Hall staff,so far Ihad no problems with them.I have been to was quite a nice place to take children there.My youngest kid now is 21 yrs old;most probably we will go cycling instead of visiting Legoland on our next trip.
I also have a soft spot when it comes to mothers,especially mine now who is not that well.She is 76 years old.My sister is taking care of her.

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