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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


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haha.. self well DO you know yourself? :)

Knowing oneself is a work in progress.I can't say how 'well' I know know myself,but as i get older,I am getting to know myself better as time goes by..

Btw, self branding is what others perceive you in their own eyes/mind/heart.

Bila mahu bercerita sambil TT? Taman Warisan Pertanian atau KLCC?

Wassalam Aliff,
Let us the responses first...I will make my decision when we come to the bridge..

Yes betul tu Pak Adib, Self Branding is what others perceive us in their own eyes, mind and heart. Itu adalah termasuk cara komunikasi, pembawakan kita, perawakan kita, etc. I tried this many times in different places. I tried to be a down to earth, naive and quiet person in one place, people do not dare to tegur me. Then in the same place i tried to be talkative, they feel weired of me and the can't accept my change (coz they have set their mind "what brand i am"). In another place, I tried to be talkative for the first impression, people are talkative with me. ;]

Nice article shared.
Philip Kotler akan bagi talk di M'sia on Aug 13th, Istana Hotel.

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