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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


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Yeah! That's it Pak, a date with a beautiful lady who stole your heart say..30 years ago.

All the best:) Please say my regard to bunda on Happy Mothers day.

Yes the is September,it would be 32 years.InsyaAllah,I will convey your message to Bunda.

They makes the best sandwich ever.

Salam Abedib!

Amboi romantiknyer! Kak Na do not have to cook today!

Anyway, the sandwiches is very pricey.....How's the taste? commensurate with the price?

Salam Abedib!

My mistake! It seemed Kak Na tak payah msk 2 days ago! Yeay!

Wassalam Atique,
Memang amat mahal..sebab tu jarang2 saja pekenakan sandwiches ni.Rasanya memang best!Last weekend ,kak na tak masak kerana kami pergi makan kenduri dua hari -satu di JB dan satu di KL.
At my age, I have to try harder to be romantic;-)

Wow Pak Adib, you shld be like that each of the 30 years back..haha..

Pak Adib, my girls like cakes and pastries. At times on sunday, hub and me bring them to eat out for fun after wandering at sunday market or car boot sale..then we hang in a restaurant but my hub always say..cooked food at home are much better and fresh. We never know in restaurants-mostly refrigerated ones. Actually in Msia, people like to makan di kedai sebab tu banyak kedia makan. But i see aussie seldom dine out..early morning u can smell baking aroma from houses nearby..nice ones!

I share your hub's view when it comes to home cooked meal.But at our age where many times,there are only two of us,we just go out for dinner or lunch.In Malaysia,it is cheaper and not that expensive to eat out compared to Ozzie.

Dear Pak Adib, its alright, I agree with u furthermore, its everyone's freedom to eat. We are about ur age but slightly younger. I am sure ur wife is a great cook, so does my mum but she and dad used to eat out too (hmm). However, aware of the oil used, coz products made with palm oil clog the cells and reduce the effectiveness of insulin. My parents are not in real good health now. So, do take care and salam to both of u.

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