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Monday, May 25, 2009


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Looks like a classy joint. Does it really have waiters in fancy uniforms?

It is just like normal restaurant at Avenue K.No fancy uniforms like classy French restaurant.My Anglio olio cost me RM10, but it taste like the real thing..

The waiter jumps, happy to present his food. The Pizza has smoke arising, meaning freshly cooked, warming the stomach. The round shadow at the bottom put the waiter into highlight, like a show is about to unview. The red background catches attention while and yellow words is suppose to brings out the appetite other than being informative. In another words, "Come for hot pizza / food and expect to be pleasently presented/ satisfied"

Thanks Hong an interesting interpretation of the logo.

The man inside logo is full of energy,of course,perfect use of colours inside and outside...Anyway,I guess that's all

Thank you for your post.

The sign is quite representative of what is being sold in this shop.

Thanks for all your comments.IMHO,one word described by the logo: excitement!I love pizza, but the real thing is still some where in Italia.

Thank you for the post!

Mama mia!!!Sounds delicious!

Thanks for your blog ! you’re right! It's very delicious.

Sounds delicious!

The man inside logo is full of energy,of course,perfect use of colours inside and outside...Anyway,I guess that's all,

Iam agry with you the man inside the logo is full of energy.

with good ideas q'on can develop and give a good image for our country

really thats very interesting thanks for this blog

really thats very interesting thank you very mutch for this blog

nice picture and nice blog. thank you.

I do not agree with each photographer to his own style and so I found some very original photos and I'm sure some of these photographers will certainly have a bright future

Looks very nice !!

thanks that's very nice pictures

Awesome, I like your post.

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