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Sunday, March 15, 2009


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Salam Abedib, I WANT that table cloth for my restaurant! Do you know where I can get some ?
Was it taken in Sydney ?

Expensive.... yess.. No Arabian food is complete without olive oil..

From some research the coconut oil is much better. Have a nice day.

Note: I could not post comment using IE. I am using chrome for this comment.

hahaha.. i was once asked myself..

if olive oil came from OLIVES

if sunflower oil came from its flower

what did BABY OIL come from :P


Dear Mr Adib, yes it was also near Sydney (Hunter Valley) that I first tasted by bread dipped in olive oil, when I visited their souvenir shop that had a sample table for the visitors. It was also the first time I had flavoured olive oil that made the experience more delicious.

I am happy that when I brought back the flavoured olive oils, it became a hit with the family and we have started to use it in some of the dishes.

Unfortunately, the olive oil is really suitable for all types of local dishes, so we only substitute our normal oil with it whenever we can.

Anyway like you said olive oil can be expensive but then I try buy a supermarket chain's house labels that can easily cut the price by half with no noticeable difference in quality.

The funny thing is, I find that olive oil from Australia a bit difficult to find locally. Usually they come from Spain, Turkey, Greece and Italy. Though these have no discernable taste difference to me, I do find the Australian stuff better, so much so I am using the one's I brought back sparingly.

Some people say that you need at least a teaspoon of olive oil for your health...

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