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Saturday, November 22, 2008


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That's the eye you love right? :)

Yes Akaml,
Very eye-catching indeed!
The pun was intended;-)

congrats pak adib ;) hehe

when i celebrated my car's one year birthday, i totally forgot about renewing my road tax. thus, the rush to post office and etc. hahahha

Salam Abedib!

Wah! Bestnye Kak Na dpt choc cake treat!

What treat pulak yg the black beauty will be getting? Change of paint or addition of spoiler? he he he.

BTW have you visited the gomobile 2008 exhibition at PWTC? OK jugak discounts offerings for the Hphones, PDAs

Salam Tn.Aji
My old jalopy, the one that ferried you and Mak Aji and your family whilst in London is still up and running well...Diam tak diam I have been using it since May 1988!!.. complaints..apart from few dents & rusts here and there...Insyaallah it will come back with me to Malaysia when I retire late next year.. Sayang pulak nak ditinggalkan dan too sad to divorce her...

As for yours, kenalah jaga macam istri baru laa..jaga, cuci and laplap selalu... Jngn marah Tn.Aji..

The insurance people always reminds me to renew inssurance for my car.I got my new road tax sticker 3 days b4 it expires.
Pak Adib dah boring dgn new hp etc.My next choice is iPhone, but I can't afford it now.Everyday,I am thinking of my next bicycle ride;-),LOL...macam budak2 baru pandai naik basikal.
Pak Unggal,
I hope the Malaysian flag still flies on your van:-) I voe to ride it again before you come home next year.Jika ada cukup duit,saya akan melawat London tahun depan,insyaAllah.My last was in 2003.

Being a MyVi owner myself for the past 2 years, the car has given me great joy in driving. As long as you follow the service schedule, it will serve you well :) My car is only 2 years plus ( May 06 ) tapi sudah 100K km, so I should know :D

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