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Thursday, November 27, 2008


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Uncle Adib, What is the name of that English bookshop in Paris that you went to? Heading that way in December :)

wardah bookshop is a really, erally cosy, and nice place to hang around for discussion, and book reading. memang buku buku dia best dan mebe takde kat mesia. nyesal tak beli. nyesal betul..

The famous bookshop is called Shakesphere &Company.Please sen my regards to George the owner.

Here is the photoEnglish Bookshop in ParisLink:

The owner an me:
George and Adib-Paris

Pak Adib, I suggest u read adler's"How to read a book"

A very cool book.

Uncle, last nite i read books by Zabrina. Tajuk buku tu 'Life is an open secret'. Tak tau uncle dah baca ke tak, but i just wanna share it with u =)

Thank for sharing with me.

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