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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


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Salam Abedib!

Hmmm.... i can appreciate those scenery paintings (esp. english country seceneries that involve small cottages, beaches),portrait-based paintings even light(ringan) abstract-based paintings & art pieces. But should one showed me those heavy, multicolored, multilines (vertical&horizontal) abstract paintings as well as those complicated-looking art pieces-I will be lost, I'll take long time i mean very loooooong time to u/stand the meaning of the art pieces .I like the Picasso's though!

Wassalam Atique,
When I have time during the weekend,I do watercolor painting-just to appreciate the beauty of doing art work.It takesa lot of hardwork(and patience) to create a painting.

Btw,I don't like Picasso but I prefer Monet's painting.

Did you know that Syed Ahmad Jamal is actually Toemoe's uncle? Toemoe is ex-SDAR 85-89 :)

No,I don't know.Btw, what is Toemoe real name?

abe dib,
ado napok one tall young man who looks very much like a young dato' syed? ... that wud be my dear achitect fren syed nabil of london who's back home on holiday... sambil tolong2 his dad on the exhibition.

I think I saw him.

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