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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


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Thanks for teaching me something this morning. I too am guilty as charged. From now on I shall try to do better than giving one worded comments on flickr!!

You are most welcome!
I will also try harder to follow the good guide.

Nice one pak adib ;)

try different angles, composition and different eye leveling.. ;)

looks good to me ! :D

Salam Kemaafan Tuan Haji.
I have always believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Is it wrong if you are colour-blind despite others saying 'hey..your tints and shades are not right...bla..bla..' A photo can just be that flick moment of time. It merely records, it reminds the photographer of why, when and where the picture was taken. Why it is so special to him, it's he alone who knows - nothing matters. Touching-up does not make it real. Just because we are living in a consumer world that we ought to be one. It's just a marketing ploy. May be, we as human like anything unreal, superfluous and superficial...!!.. Musli Ramlee is no P.Ramlee. There can only be one Mona Lisa, Spielberg, Berryman, Dega, Raphael and many others - they do not need or to comply with someone's ideas.
Just enjoy your may be just a 'snap-shot' but if you want more than that be a 'real artist' rather than a photographer...!!

Wassalam Pak Unggal,
Thank you for your views.In my case,most of my photographs are just snapshots but I would be grateful to others who could comment and show me how to make my snap-shots look better.

Abedib, I like the photo attach to this posting. Nice!

Pak Adib,

on tips: try side lighting..

on discourse of nice or not:totally agree with pak unggal.

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