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Monday, July 07, 2008


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Yes, pity the contractor if there's no fluctuation of prices clause in the Contract especially during this period. But if there is, it should be applied bothways, right? Wonder if this has ever occurred/ prices ever fall..

Pumped petrol this morning and it hurts..95-octane is now at SGD 2.28 per litre. This hike in prices is hurting everyone..

everyday, pump ron 95 to my iron horse, everyday rm 10.00 x 30 days=rm 300.00.


(pejam mata bila beli buku yang aliff suka, kalau nak kira jawabnya tak beli buku la)

Assalamu'alaikum Tn.Hj.
It is expected few deputy-ministers excluding their entourage and VIPs to be coming into London throughout July 2008.
This is what government says about 'berbelanja berhimah'...

That is a very good 'example' to tell the rakyat about 'belanja berhimah'.Until and unless the politicians do what they asked the rakyat to do,no body believe them.
What you wrote about is 'belanja mewah'.

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