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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


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Dear Abedib,
Memang ada problem since bila the MSM group split 2 years ago, they had to redo the entire East Coast map. When I travelled to Kelantan 3 years ago, I pointed out to the group that the Gua Musang stretch was not routable/inaccurate mileage. Turned out that it was a problem with the length of the track. Once the mapper split it into many sections, it was okay.

But since the group split up, all the effort to improve the map went with the wind. Most of the East Coast trackers followed that East Coast mapper. I can't recall the exact date they split up but I do have a copy of the old rectified copy of the east coast map somewhere. Personally I will use that map if I go to the East Coast but that map can't be used with the rest of MSM maps due to "connectivity" issues.

The only way we can improve on the East Coast map is by giving feedbacks and new tracks of the area. Otherwise we will always have that problem.


Thanks Dr Azmi for your feedback.Now, I know the reason why.

Waaahhhh... AbeDib, now the GPS took the place of your back mirror? It really is a useful gadget.. you said restaurents and petol kiosks popping up on the screen? How come mine doesnt work that way?

Not really popping up like in the computer.As i pass through a route,I check for these location near where I am.Btw, your map must be updated from malsing.
May I invite Dr Azmi to comment further.I am no good at explaining this stuff.Just a user.

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