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Thursday, June 12, 2008


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Assalamualaikum, Pak Adib. As someone who also has driven there frequently ( car n bike ), I do agree that the travel should be done during the day. I have taken the night express bus and at times, around the hilly areas esp around Pahang / Kelantan border, I tell myself to trust the drivers and Allah s.w.t, as I personally find the road scarier at night. This year balik Kelate will use another route ;-) lalu KK - Jeli, longer time but more scenic :)

Wassalam Omecool,
As a father,I am very worried when my sons are on the road for a long haul.I tell them to keep me updated every two hours;and when they forget I call them.Going the Grik/Jeli way to Kelate takes longer time, but during 'balik kampung' seasons,it is better longer distance/time and we feel safer.I was told during festival times, the road from KL to KB is bumper to bumper when you eneter Kelate border and during traffic jams, good drivers can turn into bad and impatient people.The result is bad behaviours.

Salam Pak Adib,

Bukit Tujuh is well known for its accident prone area.I do notice during recent trip to Kelantan, how drivers were speeding along the route and simply 'potong' queue.Patutlah selalu eksiden kot! Attitude problem.

I got pictures and videos of the abovesaid accident in my website.

AbeDib, the reported accident was not at Bukit Tujuh. Km13, Kg Relong is before Padang Tungku and with some stretch of curves also. The Bukit Tujuh area is a treacherous stretch between hills and as you said; with sharp double curves that would catch an unwary driver or drivers who think he knows the area too well and lose respect for what it could do.

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