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Saturday, May 10, 2008


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Is that you in the picture? Wah, hensem.

Abedib, tahun berapa punya gambar ni?

Abedib.. kat mana nih? Camden Town ke?

BTW, nice photo effect :)

I was about 10 yrs younger then.Now,i owe you a teh tarik for calling me hensem;-)
It could be late 1990's.
I was at Portobello Road,Notting Hill.Remember the movie?
Thanks for your kind words.

maybe you should let your hair grow again!

For me it's ok if I don't visit Portobello Street but I must visit Foyles and Hamleys everytime I go to London.

You look more handsome with long hair, Abedib .... don't have to mention that it was 10 years ago......
Did you meet Sandra Bullock (am I right?) then? he he

Yes,Foyles and Hamleys.The first is the grandmother of bookshop and the second is the granfather of toyshops;-)I like both of them.

Not Sandra Bullock( I like her acting) but I expect Julia Roberts-just like the movie.After I came back from that trip,I thought I want to open a bookshop.By the way,I coined a name but it didnot material~ABC=Adib Book Cafe(or air batu campur;-)

I don't think I ever visited Portobello Road, altho I've been to Petticoat Lane. I love the row of bookshops along Charing Cross Road. I remember going there to look for 84 Charing Cross Road which is the name of the book and also movie starring Anthony Hopkins and the late Anne Bancroft.

I do enjoy bookshops hopping along Charing Cross Rd.I read the book and went to the site only to see a plaque.Sadly,I have not got the opportunity to see the movie.

Here's a teaser ... er, I mean trailer on YouTube:

I believe you can buy the DVD from

It is a lovely movie.

Thanks Chet for link to youtube.
Here is a short note I wrote 8 yrs ago when I was at 84,Charing X Rd.

Once glance I thot this photo look like Maher!
Tell Maher maybe in 15yrs time this is how he's gonna look like. ;-)

The photo makes me wanna 'balik kampung'. :)

Opppps sorry !.. that was me!

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