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Sunday, May 25, 2008


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Yeahhh... esp when the grand old man is an intelligent, knowledgable, well read man... otherwise...some hannntu will come & chop off our head! heh hehh hehhhh... ;-)

A lot of people have eaten some fruits from the tree,some have taken shade under that tree and the roots of the tree had spread wide and deep..
The tree may be old, but those who had benefited from that tree will bow in gratitude when they are near the tree.

Sdr Adib

Your JD Pasir Mas experience must surely be a blessing in disguise. At least we now have one more engineer who is sensitive to environmental issues. Most engineers, I must say, still wnat to have it easy at the expense of the environment.

Sdr Aziz,
Thank you for your comments.Town planners like should educate my fellow engineers in this aspect.

Pak Adib,
I still remember 2 big pokok tanjong that will be forever be etched in my memory. The first one is in Kedai Kangkong where you bro in law Dr. Ahmad Shukri live. I was too small to participate in the game of tarzan where the bigger boys will chase each other by jumping from branch to brach. The tanjong tree has a characteristic that the brances dont break easily.
The other tanjong tree was the one near tanjong Ayer Muleh near the post office in Pasir Mas. We used to play marbles under that tree.
Sadly both trees are not there anymore.

Pak Zawi,
Your comment reminds me of one big pokok tanjung in front of the 'balasah'(surau) of my kampung.My mother used to pick all those bunga tanjung and placed them near her pillows.Nowadays, the canned fragrance sprays took over.

abedib, one of the reasons why I love UKM is because of the preservation of old trees - and those trees keep me smile every morning whenever I come to work (and yes, sometimes I greet them as well). I always think that if anyone (in future) who ever dare to cut off those trees, I will chop their head off! And btw, I thought those engineers are taught environmental ethics in their courses, no?

The old engineers of my generation were taught only about engineering but nowadays environmental science is included.However when greed takes over, ethics fly out of the windows.

Pak Adib

Most of trees at Lake Garden currently not safe for public due on age factor. Authority should take necessary action to re-inforce the trees and the same time to start planting similiar trees for future.


Just wonder what is the age of these old trees?A man is considered a senior citizen at 60,how about the trees?

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