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Sunday, October 28, 2007


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Finally... AG's GUIT is on the shelves! Will go & grab one. Emm...I wonder when is the 'signing ceremony' ? ;-)

Congrats again Awang Goneng!

Kiter kepeng doh ke semer kawang-kawang kiter. :)

The once Batu Rakit resident.

Pak Adin, I can tell you how you met him. You came to Malaysia Hall and I saw you with loads of books you had just bought. You told me that you like to read and I said, so does my husband. And then I introduced him to you. I also told you that he writes. The rest is history. Thanks for buying the book.

Thanks Kak Teh for refreshing my memory.

sorry it's supposed to be Pak Adib, not Pak Adin...

Not so far in the future, The Reader will be known as The Writer as well! :)

Kak Teh,
It is okay.I know who you meant. Btw,is Pak Din the cafeteria owner/operator still in London?

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