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Monday, October 01, 2007


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Our death (when and where) has been pre-determined -- with not a second delay nor a second earlier. We hope for Allah's mercy so that when the time comes, we shall end with husnul khatimah, amiin.

Pls view my article on husnul khatimah I wrote recently here:

For some (alim) people, some angels would pay a visit and would actually ask the person whether they are ready to meet their God very soon and if it is possible to allow for some delayance for a certain plausible reasons....

And one could actually ask that his/her roh (soul) be parted from his/her body once he/she performed his/her hajj or to die in the holy land.

Somehow, pak adib, there are people who are given the second chance to live....

Becareful talking about the ghaib lest we go astray... When the Time comes it will not be delayed one little bit. That is the general concensus. So please dont start getting the inklings from the `Bruce al-mighty movie' and the likes. Not even a Nabi can delay the Time.

Pak Adib, rupa-rupanya that lady mak sedara Arena.
Kisahnya di

sorry gukita, but i am not making things up...i knew of those who had had such visits. I suppose these utusans (they came in two so bukan izrail la) were being polite. And it is also true that if ones wishes to die in haramain, he/she will somehow get it granted, wallahu a'lam.

Of course izrail the angel of death will never delay his job.

Pak Adib, just go delete my previous comment so that some people would not misconstrue them later.

Most probably , the lady you mention in the above post, was my beloved aunt. Moga rohnya dicucuri rahmat.

Sdr Adib,
Death is something of certainty. But looking from another angle, you might have been one of the fortunate few to have 'witnessed' and to be on Allah's playstage. From there on, the iman is a bit high right? What's much more important than having a moment to think about death? May Allah bless us all.

I am just back home from a short 'holiday' at a hospital due to broncho pneumonia.Now, I am almost okay,insyaAllah.
Thank you for all your comments.Since the last 4 days,I was being 'drugged' with some powerful medicines,I am not myself yet to add any further comments here.

pak adib,
funny how small the world is.hj abdullah, your neighbour is my brother in law and the lady in the flight is a friend of my mother's

pak adib,
funny how small the world is.hj abdullah, your neighbour is my brother in law and the lady in the flight is a friend of my mother's

Enar Arshad,
Actually our planet earth is very small.The earth takes 365 days to orbit the sun;but the Milkyways galaxy takes 200 millions years to complete one orbit;-)[astronomically speaking]

With Internet, our world is small.When I was 5 times zone away,I talk to my wife is just a block away (but not the telephone bills)
Btw, my house is no 37 just behind Rumah Hj Abdullah. He was a nice man and AJK Masjid.

wow....hmmm and we are just a tiny dotin the whole universe.....

I had similar experience before with SV on my way back home from Haj. I took the lead (do not know where I got this strength to do) by announcing for a doctor to identify himself to the cabin crews. After that getting the doctor to "see" the patient with limited medication (paracetamol) available. Then get the pilot to radio-ed Subang Airport officers to standby an ambulance to bring the critical patient (sedang nazak) immediately to HKL. Once arrive, making sure this pakcik & his anak get to be boarded out first. Kekuatan itu datang dari Allah ! What an experience becoming a part-time steward :)

p/s: Selamat berehat & take care.

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