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Monday, August 20, 2007


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Thanks Pak Adib for pointing this out. I have downloaded it and like it very much.

Pak Adib,
I pray for the well being of your ummi.

Thank you for your comments and du'a for my ummi.

Master Adib:

Forgive me to have dared to ask of this -

would you grace me with a visit to my humble place, and honor me with your thoughts.

Share with all if there are wisdom to gain.

Blame me if its a nonsense trouble to start, and treat me as if I am a sour tart.

Again, forgive me for the leisure that I asked you to part.

Because I am a man who is certainly not smart.

Thank You.

from the screen shot it looks good. Will give it a try. Currently evaluating Opera.

Dear Demonisme,

Thank you for your kind invitation,

To your citadel of wisdom,

I wander and I wonder,

For meaning and I surrender.

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