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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


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Adib, I have always against sending kids to boarding school. Kids get better all round education while living with parents at home. They should go for formal education at the nearest school and back home getting the informal education would help molding them into a real person. Nothing can substitute the living at home culture for those growing up kids. As for the parent it is for their benefit to have their children at home throughout their years of schooling, so that you as parents could share your love with them and them with you. You cannot get and understand love while living in hostel. I did not allow my kids to go to boarding school. They all did very well indeed. But when they are in the University that became a necessity, a must stay for students. I think all MRSM should close their hostel but operate as a normal school only. Thanks.

Pak Idrus,
IMHO, those children who came from poor social and economic background still need the hostels/boarding schools.Another group that still needs is the top performers(10A's) who need special coaching to enter top class universities in UK.

i came across your article while browsing the net for my PTD assignment, social bullies.
i stayed at home during my secondary school years and although some said that my school is a bad one, i managed to obtain First Grade (16 Agg) together with my sister and brother.
there is nothing wrong if you don't go to any top boarding school as long as you can prioritise your studies.
i also think that by staying at home the parents can monitor the children more efficiently rather than sending them to boarding school plus that it can strengthen the bonds within the parents and child instead of sending them off to boarding.
needless to say, i still managed to go to local university at shah alam and obtain diploma (2000-2003) and bachelor degree (2003-2005).
its not that im against boarding school but these bullying should stop as nothing good can come out from it.

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