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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


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salam pak adib.
i would like to suggest metro. it's a public transportation system guide you can install on your treo. download it here:

it had been very useful to me (i no longer have my pocket pc/palm), hopefully it will serve you well. the best thing is, it's free!

Thanks for the tips and the link.Hope I learn my lesson.

Pak Adib,

Hmmm...well even if u r on the right train, if one lone traveller suddenly fall asleep, and his destination isnt the last stop, then u will know what'll happen to the poor chap once he's awake to find out he is a few/ a lot of stations off the course.

Some few tips wud save a lot of hassles when using the public transport whether in msia or overseas like :

a) hesitate a bit and check again which platform u r heading to as soon as u have swiped urself out of the ticket barrier.

b) And if u r already boarding the train, check the next stop and look above at the route map indicated inside the train. If it is moving towards ur route to ur station then u r on the right train.

c)As we have no control on the train (or even the bus), we need to be careful before stepping into the vehicle. Otherwise, it's quite useful to ask the transport officers for further confirmation or any passenger whether they are taking the same route as u or not.

d) Dont panic. Even if u r holding a GPS that indicates that u r heading the wrong direction, just get out of the vehicle at the next stop and explain the officer there if u had to cross another ticket barrier to get into the opposite platform to board the next train back to where u started. But if u r already panicking, it's still much better to get off the vehicle rather than staying on board. It's best if u try asking the passengers to help guiding ur whereabouts (prolly better to show them the route map as well). But if they are a bit hostile, just get off at the next stop.

e) If all is no good, get a cab.

f) Otherwise, just sit back n relax and enjoy a new view from the new route while trying to figure out how to return to the starting point.

g) Even if we r so tired, we just had to force ourselves to stay awake unless we r travelling on an express coach/train that meant for a longer journey with definite one destination only. Imagine how tiring it is having to depend on public transport to commute to work and back on our own everyday.

Sekian, harap maklum, hehe...

I'm just sharing my experience with u pak adib, having travelled across europe and many places and used their public transports both the metro trains as well as the buses. Language barrier is no longer a big problem with me once I understand how to read the route map and take extra care before I board the vehicle. Otherwise, i'll ask around.

Btw, 30mins delay is not that bad. Better safe than sorry they say.

Thanks Manal for taking time to share your experience with me and the readers of this blog.When I was in Europe with my family of five, no taxi will take us.So we had to learn to use Metro/Train in Paris and Holland.

Next time, I will just take a cab from KL Sentral to house.(RM10)The hassle is too much for a saving of RM5 by train.

Can I borrow your GPS to US?v :P

Kesian bro adib. The gps thingy deceived your eyes but later it brought back your conscience!

Pak Adib,

the last paragraph of your post sounds like a reminder to me. call me insane, i actually interpret it as something that actually can guide me, career-wise, relationship-wise and life-wise.

"First, do not be in a haste like me or make an assumption that you are in the right vehicle.Second, monitor where are you going.If you don't know where you are going,any road or train will take you there.Third,even if you are aided with satellite guidance communication system,please keep your eyes open;your device may have instrumental errors!

Last but not least,plan your journey with a map."

everything has its own significance and significance is everything.

thank you for the reminder.

Ezzad Amir,

You hit right on the nail!I am glad you got the meaning i.e apa yang tersirat.

In fact, it is a reminder to all of us-in all aspects of our life.

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