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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


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Here Adib, a small poem in the ocean of inspiration for our tired mecahnical minds !

He Is The One In Jakarta
or Kuala Lumpur

He’s the one sitting next to you,
in the bus you ride everyday to work.
He’s the one selling drinks at the junction,
the one you won’t even bother to look at.

He’s the one in sky-priced suits,
the man your boss once had lunch with.
He could be the one asking to shine your shoes for a coin.
He could be the one driving mercedes in his armani.

He could be anyone you see once in your life. You look but you don’t really see.

By all means : Did you really search? What do you look for :
Path to God, or just beard, turban, and robes?

Neither turbans nor robes,
he doesn’t even have to ‘look right’ for you : no bride dress up but to her Lover’s liking.

He’s the God’s highest noble kept unseen in ordinariness.

Why tell you who he is,
or when, or where :

we’re not even worth to be told :
what have we done,
to think we deserve such honor?
The messenger for your soul.

The one can lead you to the path,
understands every single secret from the life of yours, answers every single question you need to ask.

He’s the slave to one God,
serves only to one master.

Slaves won’t come,
no matter how loud you shout :
they can only be met
by permission from the master.

By all means : Did you really ask?
‘By all means.’ Did you?

“And they say: Why does this messenger eat food, and walk abouts in the markets?
Why is not an angel sent down to him,
to be a warner with him?” * (Herry Mardian)

* * *

Abu Zuhri Rejoinder Poem

He is the one no doubt in jakarta or kuala lumpur, my friend Herry !

He sing the Mathnawi of Rumi and Abu Madyan song

He send you forward, to teach and scatter wisdom

He stand beside you and go round tawaf at Kaaba
No doubt he generously give sadaqa and received it by two old ladies at the outskirt of masjidil haram

He who receive your salam and kissed your cheek. He who says- Allahu..Allahu Allahu and Allahu Karim

He is the one you meet in Arafa and Mina
He is the one wave the hands toward the Rawdah

With tears and chilly night he walked back to Andalus, praying softly against the cold winter winds in 2004 :

Oh Allah , accept our islam, our hajj and our brothers kind deeds

He is the one always beside us and gave inspiration ..

Assalamualaikum Abuzuhri,
Thank you for sharing with my fellow readers and me the beautful poems.
Jazakallahu Khairan.

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