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Saturday, June 23, 2007


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abe dib,

just last week, i 'looked down' into Kota Bharu, specifically at my birth place in Jalan Bayam, and Taman Sari.

Ok. next trip to UK plak! :P

In Malaysia,you cannot see the street map-only outdated satellite image.Btw,pls let me know your house and office addresses in UK via email.

My next trip is Turkey,Jordan and Egypt and of course The Harams.

Although you cannot get the street map of Malaysia in, you have an excellent alternative. Use Mapsource (from Garmin) to view the excellent streetmaps of Malaysia from Once you found your place of interest, create a waypoint there. Then click the button "View in Google Earth", immediately you'll be able to view the satellite image of your place of interest.

Google Earth is an excellent place to recall places that you've been. I did that in and

Thanks drtamil for your explaination and links to two good examples.

Walking down memory lane, eh pak adib.

Btw, and maybe if ever u r planning ur trip to sheffield again, u wud wanna try the trams. It cud get u to Meadow Hall.

Yes,I did and I love to go there again.The last time was in the late 80's and we went to Meadow Hall but not by trams.There was no trams during my time there.


I can see my house in UK ... 44 Easterly Avenue LS8, Leeds. 10 years ago... Mr. Morisson, our neighbour was 80 years old. Dono he and his dpg still alive today .

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