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Saturday, June 16, 2007


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Dear Pak Adib,

A touching note from father to son. Shows the depth of love. Had a lump in my throat after reading the letter to 10-year old Munir. Wished hubby and i can be good parents to our children as you are to yours....

Thanks for taking time to write a note here.My eyes became wet reading that letter...

Pak Adib,

Impossible is nothing ;-)

I know what you meant.Nothing is impossible.

Dear Pak Adib,

Had the same reaction like serendipity. I am sure Munir still feel that he's the 10 years old boy inside because of ur great love and would never never forget the letter.

yes,i remembered reading that letter and i too had a lump in my throat. The things we go through as parents ...and..children...Sigh...

assalamualaikum abedib,
selamat berjaya buat munir. saya dahulu seawal 13 tahun telah tinggal di asrama ni kuale kangsar.

Terima kasih,KNizam.
Abedib pun mula tinggal di asrama sejak umur 13 tahun di SDAR, Tanjung Malim.

Assalamu'alaikum wrbkth
Tuan Haji & family parents it's our duty to all our siblings. This is the 'trust' Allah SWT set upon us.. Allow us to share your happiness...His success is your success too...
To Munir..Syabas!..young man!.. We pray for your success all the way.. Just remember this, par-excellence requires patience, self-discipline, courage, adaptability, sheer hard work, but above all the PRAYERS & TRUST in ALLAH SWT.Armed with your families trust, love, hope and prayers, you will excell in all your undertakings. Ask yourself, are you prepared when the time comes for you to take up the mantle and show the way for a bright future??..
Uncle, auntie dan family tumpang gembira. Selamat maju jaya dan semoga ALLAH SWT sentiasa bersama Munir.
*Best wishes dari kami sefamili di London

Pak Unggal,
Thank you for taking time to write words of advice to my son Munir.And our thanks for your du'a.Munir is currently cut off from Internet as he is undergoing orientation week.I will let him know of your notes here when he is back this weekend.

Our salam to you and all your family members.

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