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Friday, August 25, 2006


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abe dib,

malam isra' mikraj hari tu, ada kawan sini organised buat majlis at his place. luckily, alhamdulillah, the erudite sheikh afifi al-akiti dapat meluangkan masanya untuk mengetuai majlis malam tu. dia buat Istighfar of Rejab instead of the normal yg org selalu buat, i.e. baca Yassin. to be honest, due to my kejahilan, it was my first to recite that beautifully composed long istighfar.

tapi as always, sheikh spoke at length sebelum buat istighfar tu. he translated and explained the istighfar verses so that hadirin faham dan boleh menghayati maknanya. i recorded his nasihah using my mobile, ingat nak email to abe dib, tapi file 3G tu besar. nantilah, i'll convert to other smaller format kalau boleh. [ada sesapa boleh bagi suggestion?]

selamat meraikan syaban.

Thanks Atok.Pls send to me.I look forward to listen to wise sheikh.

Let's celebrate the holy months with more ibadah like reading Qur'an,fasting,solat sunah berjemaah,qiamullail,sadakah etc.

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