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Saturday, July 29, 2006


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esok jogin di Lake Garden, joint our group for mt. fuji xpdc

The journey is the reward..

- chinese proverb -

What is in the journey? Mostly it is our experience and any lessons learned from it.But be careful,no matter how beautiful and pleasurable the journey was, it is still a journey and NOT the destination.We are just passing through....The final destination and our permanent abode that really matters...In mean time, enjoy the best we can while we are on the road.

assalamualaikum abedib,
kesian kat abedib sebab berhujan. saya sekarang ni rasa macam patah kaki sebab notebook saya tengah "demam". nak kena beli notebook baru ni gamaknya.

Waalaikumussalam KNizam,

May be,deep inside my heart,I wanted to be with the crowd in the rain-so Allah swt granted my wishes..

Kalau dah demam itu nampak gayanya nok yg baru ler tu;-)

Abedib, that's a long route to KLCC from your house. I also enjoy running in therain but it has been a long time since. :-) I hope you don't caught a cold then.

To Nizam, my trusty IBM which is used by my wife gone kaput last week. Now awaiting some cash to replace the HDD which is suspected died. I suggest you get a Fujitsu for replacement.

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