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Friday, July 28, 2006


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don't overpamper our kids too much with materials.. root of all evil adalah apabila kesenangan dunia menjadikan kiter alpa.. nauzubillah pak adib, i hope i will have the strength to raise my kids the right way when the time come..insya allah

may her soul be among the pious..amin

People are created equal. Goes to show that being a royalty doesn't make them any better in life or afterwards.

Pray sincerely, honestly, and dearly for sake of Allah. Learn Quraan and Sunnah ways continuosly in this worldly life. Take a moment to ponder and review the situation, consult with pious guru, and directly ask from Allah to save from misdeeds. Key action is "discipline" for both parent and children in whatever they are assigned to do daily. Say a lot of istigfar and shukur for whatever condition we are granted by Allah. Inculcate good habit, respect to elder, pity to young, and help to needy - InsyaAllah, Allah opens safe journey in this world, victory to family and community.

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