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Monday, March 13, 2006


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the same thing happen whenever we play snake or pairs on handphone..tidur malam pun terbayang2 ular makin panjang..

Games is a great pastime as long as it did not take control over you.

Every game can lead to addiction and compulsion. You may be quite near there ...

Thanks for the reminder...but last night I got to play it again when my son challenged me to beat him.Of course I lost.He did it in 6 minutes and I took about 10 minutes.

Too much gaming and distraction coming from the japanese quarters nowadays and addicting the children to a point of compulsion. Somebody need to put some brake on this landslide.

I am that person who beamed the sudoku to you adib and I am not quite mad about it, I try to do about 2 a day at most. I download the daily puzzle from and then send in the solution and I try to do one of the 365 found in the penguin sudoku that I bought recently. It is fine to get addicted but it gets a bit frustrating to try and solve a diabolique, after staring at it you get fed up after a while.

Dear labokin,
Actually,I still keep the software you beamed to me;-) However,I play less now.Currently,I dared to try only the easy and moderate puzzles only.

i also tried the puzzle on my n9500. me feel it is harder to do it on paper compared on the device.

Pak Adib, have you ever standstill at one spot in KLCC shopping mall and felt its somesort of vibrating? Is it normal or i'm just hallucinating?

It is for real and you are not hallucinating.I felt the same thing. Btw, have you been to the bridge that connects the two towers? I have been there and I could see the bridge sways horizontally a few inches...

From my limited knowledge of structural engineering,the twin towers are stiff and strong enough to take horizontal and vertical movements.

To avoid the feeling,don't stand still too long...just move around.Btw,a few days ago I have chaw kwai Tiaw at Little Penang Kafe and sat there almost one hour and I did NOT feel any vibrations.

Btw,where did you stand Maas?

I was at the walkway on level 3 where the concourse is visible.

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