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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


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family is a gift from god...irreplaceable!

You have a great family. Keep it up and together. Yes, I concur that the time will come when I and wife will be a romantic duo again; dulu tak sempat nak romantik, dapat anak awal sangat..... :-0

Life in KL nowdays becoming suck. Welcome to the suck.

Iphicrates, the Athenian general who fought Sparta during the Corinthian War (394-387BC) once said to Harmodius: 'The difference between us is that my family begins with me, whereas yours ends with you.' How true it is as an old English proverb says..'A family that prays together, sticks together.'

your writing reminds me of myself. at my thirties and also at the crossroad, between a budding family and career. as always, a man is a man on his own. gotta to choose what is my utmost priority. i think if needs be, i shall forfeit all as long as i have my family together. it has been really sad these few days. so many questions i am asking myself, but i know not so many of them for the answers!

i miss walking in KLCC. won't be able to do it this week. f1 fever. will try to be there next sunday. normally i'll be going with my other half and sometimes with our son.

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