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Thursday, March 02, 2006


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no harm about the posting. your blog said that you are the Reader. :-)

Thanks MHI.
Here is a link on some techniques:


Thanks for the link! Actually I was looking for tips on solving the puzzle. Was about to ask you the other day. I always got challenged by puzzle with numbers & I really got hooked doing Sudoku online.

You can also download a software into your Treo and play the game whenever you like it and wherever you are.

I dare not try this game for this moment. Fear that I will spend my time more on solving the puzzle than doing my work ;-) I am currently trying to complete Man and Boy by Tony Parson.

I cannot deny the challenge of the mind... but honestly once you're may even loose your daily prayers and wife...! (if you are married though).

been trying my luck in the NST sudoku challenge, but yet to win, hehe...

the puzzle really caught me addicted, and i cant stop without completing it first. Well, pak adib practice make perfect, u can understand the trick the more u spend time on it, surely...

more tips and online practice here:

can download sudoku puzzle freeware here:

sorry, can't go near numbers, make me dizzy ... :)

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