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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


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Kinda wonder who came up with the 555 thing, or what does 555 represent. Maybe it means something to someone somewhere.

to me buku tiga lima (as my mom called it) was the original store credit card. my mom would take this little book to kedai pak din (arwah) next door. she would tell him what item she needs and he'll get them ready for her. then, he'll write down in the trusty buku tiga lima the items purchased (on credit). hujung bulan when she receives her monthly stipend, a big chunk of it will go to pak din. without interest! then some years ago, pak din passed away. evidently, before he passed away, he told his family that my dad (who too had passed away) still owe a few dollars. we were quite surprised. my mom had no idea that my dad even bought anything from him. but rather than bicker about a small amount that could stand in the way between my dad and paradise, we the children decided to pay up (isn't there a hadith that says the only thing that stands between a syahid and paradise is his debt or something close). luckily it was less then $100, may be that's why the amount somehow excape the trusty buku tiga lima!

Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Let me tell mine.

A man owed my late father RM1000 in 1952.When I was about to go overseas for my study in 1973,my father told my mother to see the man and asked for the loan to be paid back.The man denied that he owed any money to my father.My late father had to borrow money from my uncle to give me some money before I left to UK.

Some time around early 80's when my father already passed away, I recieved a cheque of RM1000 from the son of the man who owed my late father.Before the man died, he told his son to pay me what he owed to my late father.

Finally, I got the truth...but more than 30years too late.

wahhhh saya still ingat lagi buku 555 yang digunakan masa sekolah rendah. guna untuk tulis nama budak sekolah yg lewat coz saya pengawas masa tuh. sweet memories tuh.

p/s - takde blog pasal petrol hike ke abedib. me dah fed up ngan all the lame excuses given to hike the price. say whatever they want, the direct victim still end up to us, the consumer of the petrol....arghhhhh tensiooonnnn nyer :-)

I can write about petrol price hike without getting political.As you may have noticed,I prefer my blog to remain apolitical.

May I suggest you join prowaris mailinglist where economic and political issues are discussed.

I do write my views about about petrol price hike in my alumni mailinglist.

I remember my mother using a 555 notebook that had lists of items we took from the sundry shop next door. So that seems to be the standard use of the 555 notebook.

As for the name, wasn't there a rokok by the same name? Or are you guys too young to remember it? I think the name maz used for it - store credit card - comes closest to describing it! And a universal one at that, recognised and accepted at any store, and not tied to a specific chain of outlets!!

BTW, I'm going to go get some copies of the new-look 555 notebook when I next go to my neighbourhood stationery shop.

I came across your blog by accident, and was fascinated to read your entry about the Buku 555. It brought memories of a time when life was less complicated and notebooks were simply Buku 555 and not the fancy Sony, Twinhead, etc of today. And they were so commonplace - every roti-man had his collection, and so did the corner grocery shops. My children used to record their pocket money expenses on them. Thank you for bringing to mind these (one time) ubiquitous little books!

I happened to be searching for some history on this little 555 notebook.

My colleagues and I live in Sungai Petani and share our transport (carpool) to work in Prai, Penang. Along the way we'd exchange jokes and stories. One of these was about our local shopkeeper using a notebook that requires no maintenance, no power-supply, user-friendly, light-weight, can fit into a pocket easily, no memory loss problems, doesn't hang and doesn't require IT knowledge to use. The model: 555.

This cute little book seems to have earned an unofficial place in our history.

Hi LC,
Thank you for posting your comment about my blog.yes, the model 555 remains a classic and evergreen(actually yellow) forever.

We used Buku 555 as a spelling book, and congak book. It was during 90's when I was still in primary school. :)

Well now, I was searching for blogs on fitness or health when i came across this post. Although not exactly what I was expecting I will give it ****.

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