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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


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wah... must be fun ni abe dib. i'm sure we all will be waiting to read your travelog. enjoy...

...and me too. Eventhough I am not SDARA but from a local kampong school in a small town in Johor, I guess I am a sedara too..heh..heh.. and I can't wait to share reading your experience, Tuan Haji...

Waaah, sounds so goooooddd. My kembara in convoy was almost 35 years ago... with bicycles!!!! It was a grand experience. Enjoy it.

sori cannot make it this time. Miri ni jauh benor rasanya . plus work commitment , trying to feed the nation and making sure govt have enuf money to save more glc's. but not all malaysians knew what we have to endure here. wish cud be there with the crowd.

like this one. make sure you recorded every single event happening thru the journey ie food, places, people etc. really can't wait for this entry then.

InsyaAllah,I will try my best.Hopefully I can upload wirelessly or when I can get connected to Internet.

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