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Saturday, July 09, 2005


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Hello, I really enjoy your postings on your blog. I have read about Adibah Amin, she a famous Malaysian writer. Is Adibah Amin related to Fadzilah Amin, one of the column writers in "Mind Your English" section of the Star On-line, I am a Canadian and interested in malaysian culture. Just curious as you mention about Malaysian poetry.

Dear Chantal,
Thanks for visiting my blog.I am sorry, I am not able to answer your question.Personally, I donot know both of them.

Nazrol ada perasan puisi bertajuk " Suara Dari Dinding Madrasah" oleh A Samad Said dalam LRT tahun lepas ...

pak adib,

kalau di west yorkshire, they got their own poet-in-residence (ian macmillan) dalam Shipley Lines.kerjanya berpuisi didalam keretapi...

hhmmm.. i'm doin sonnet 18 with my students this week. shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets all in all. interesting..

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