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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


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Sabar banyak-banyak !!!

Makan....what more to ease tension than makan-makan dengan yang tersayang.....

A'kum Abedib, kat mana nak cari scone kat KL ni boleh bagi tau tak ?

dugaan, abe dib...

Abe Dib,

There was a vizier (wazir) who was most well liked by the King of a certain country. This wazir was such a pleasant person that few had any grouses or grudges against him except for a minor complain of one habit that he had. For everything that he heard or was told or saw, he would say, "Alhamdulillah that is good for you (or for him)". Be it for anything good or bad. For example if someone tells him “My wife has just died”, he would say, “Alhamdulillah it is good for you”. Or when another tells him “My daughter had just bore a child”, he would also say “Alhamdulillah it is good for you”. Because of this idiosyncrasy he was often the laughing stock of the country.

One day, just before the annual hunting season begun for the year, the King who had a passion for hunting, set to assemble his hunting kits. He examined the knives, bows and arrows and spears and set to sharpen them so that his targets would immediately tumble upon the first hit. As he was sharpening the knife, he hand slipped on the sharpening stone, and the blade cut deep into his finger. It was such a bad cut and the King, being a king, shouted and swore in anger. He blasted out all the indecencies and cried, " Bring the Wazir, bring the Wazir". The guards, upon seeing him panicked, ran to the Wazir’s chambers and quickly roused the Wazir from his nap.

When he arrived, he looked at the King and his cut finger and without batting an eyelid, just uttered, "Alhamdulillah it is good for you". The King, upon hearing it, grew red in the face and immediately ordered the Wazir for his cold attitude, to be thrown into the deepest dungeon. And the Wazir, being himself, just uttered, "Alhamdulillah it is good for me".

The next day, the King set off on his hunting trip alone, without the Wazir. Since he had little clue for directions, he got lost in the thick jungle. As he rode on, he stumbled upon a group of natives, whose languages were totally strange to his ears. These natives, upon seeing the King riding alone, ran after him and pulled him down from the horse. “I am the King, I am the King” the King shouted, but these fell on deaf ears, as they could not understand his lingo. The King’s hands and legs were tightly bound and he was thrown unto the horse and brought to their village. Seeing the hunters returning with a catch, the whole village, celebrated with cries and shouts of happiness.

The horse was led to the center of the village and the King, upon being loosened was then led to a post that was already pitched on the highest spot there, and then tied to it. How unfortunate he was. He was to be burnt. That night was the night of the lunar eclipse and to avert all omens from befalling on the village, there has to be a human sacrifice. He was the choice for the sacrifice.

A while later, an ugly figure appeared from one of the huts. It was the village witch doctor. He approached the King who was tied to the stilt, and scrutinized him from top to bottom. After a while, he turned to the hunters who had brought the King home and shouted “Porra, porra.” All the hunters prostrated unto the ground as if asking for forgiveness, and started crying out loudly. The King was confused. But he was more confused when he was cut free and chased out of the village. Of course he ran with all his might without turning behind even once to see as to what happened in the village.

Luck was on his side. After several hours of running he found the way to his castle and was so overjoyed of his escape from death that he called for the Wazir. Of course that confused the guards. Not only the King appeared so haggard and dirty like a beggar, but also why is he now calling for the man that he had doomed to the dungeon?

Anyway the Wazir was brought forward to the King and upon having explained of this escapade by King, the Wazir explained, “You are spared from the sacrifice because of your physical imperfection. Your finger has a deep cut. And that is why I said Alhamdulillah when I saw the injury. I believe that it has goodness in it.” To this the King nodded in total agreement. “But”, the King said, “why did you also say praises to the Lord when I ordered you to the dungeon?” “Aha,” the Wazir replied, “if I had not been imprisoned by you, and instead, escorted you to the hunt and got caught by the native, I would have been the sacrifice, as I am physically in perfect shape.”

So Abe Dib, for everything that happened to you “Alhamdulillah it is good for you!”

Syukran Ya Akhi Wazir Wok!

When I went to KLCC to have my tea at Tea Island(where one can get scones), to my great suprise,the shop was not there anymore.Now, a new cafe outlet is under renovation.

Is that a coincidence-four in a row within a day?

That is great writing by Wok. The Wazir must have been a very special person whom Allah has been pleased to unveil the Hijab. He sees what will happen and said Alhamdulillah not just by habit, but have seen the Ghaib; that is if the story told is as above.....

When I tension, iceblended mocha satu ! .. ( San Fran, Starbucks or Coffee Bean ) ..

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