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Friday, July 22, 2005


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Didn't know about it but I saw the moon last night and it was very nice. It was full moon and I should say that it was bright. And I think that was the first and may be the last to experience the situation told by Dr Jemilah.


God! What a coincidence ,now I remember.Last week , through his reading , my ten year old son told me that something would happen in the sky and that it would only happen after 40 years.I was too occupied with other things that I ignored him.I must have missed something `big'.

this is quiet puzzling. I did a quick research and did not find any events leading to the statement. can anyone provide some more details?

It was indeed a very bright moon last night. My son (std 2) commented that he thought it was a big street light - then I had to explain how the moon gets its light. Didn't realised that this occurance happened last night, else I would have explained that to my son - I'm sure he'll remember that for quite sometimes.

Abedib, last night I was on the way to dinner at Dewan Tun Razak PWTC. I was crossing the bridge (from PWTC main) to the Dewan when I saw three photographers standing right in the middle of the bridge while shooting KLCC by night and the big beautiful moon is sitting exactly next to KLCC.

Yes I got the shot but unfortunately my little camera was not meant to capture such distance. The view was rextremely breathtaking! SubhanAllah!

Thanks for your feedback.My camera is also not capable to capture long distance image.Btw, could you send me your photo of the moon.

Last night and this morning(Saturday),I looked again at the sky-full of thick cloud and I couldnot even get the glimse of the moon.

Macam pungguk rindukan bulan:-)

Pernah dengar lagu:

Bulan dan juga angin,
kau jadi saksi..
(itu saja yg ingat,lagu tahun 50'an)

Ooh .. patut la the full moon has been very bright and interesting these past few days. KuasaNya kan.. syukur alhamdullillah :-)

It is good to look at Allah's creation,but it would be better if we have a little knowledge of physic,mathematics and astronomy so that we can understand more.

A learned friend of mine told me that the moon is tilted a bit,otherwise we will be having 'gerhana' every full moon.

I missed the event. Got to wait another 40 years? Dont think I'll survive that long. This was a gift given. Those blessed should give prayer to God....

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