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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


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The Reader:

I am glad a have a gentle egyptian dentist here. Dr T is the most gentle dentist have i Have met.. and he is a male one very soft spoken... orghe kelate kato, beghaluh molek.. But sometimes when it hit the sensitive nerves, the tears can easily flow. I still remember getting the root canal done last time .. so painful..I am grateful to Allah and thankful to my parents (who keep bringing me to dentist during my childhood years) that now have a decent set of teeth.

90 mins session on dentist chair is very long.. must be major one..what did u had actually if u dont, mind telling?


You description is very attune to my own experience with the dentist. I trust that means they are doing as fair and equitiable work as the times allow. I am contemplating braces which I forsee will most likely feel like installing steel girders in a city tower that will be my teeth. Hopefully not. It takes a lot of faith to stay healthy these days.

Readers, The pain is nothing compared to the torture endured by brother Muslims under torture in the hands of kafirs. The dental torture is a popular technique to extricate information. Their dentists do not intent to minimise pain, but MAXIMISE. I pray not to have to endure those for I would most probably fail.

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