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Monday, July 25, 2005


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Happy Birthday PalmX!

Congratulations Thunderbird Guru!!!

Assalamualaikum ,

Just to let u know , ur blog is a must for me every morning after utusan and berita harian online.

So, dont stop giving ilmu to people outside.
Anyway , congrate pak Adib .

I am still learning by trial and error-a long way to be a Guru.

Waalikumussalam Des,
Thanks for reading my blog and insyaAllah I will continue imparting whatever little knowledge I have acquired.My advice is focus more on applying/executing/amal the knowledge and at the same time never stop learning.

It's better to be an experience guru rather being a default! :)

Keep it up Abedib! Just came back from KT. Feel happy to learn that palmx is now 5 years old. A little celebration is indeed needed. ;-)

i still havent figure out/use my DVD recorder...and it has been there for a few months now; the manual is still intact. one day... :)

The same thing happened to me.I never know how to configure my video recorder.Now,it is rusting..waiting to be sold as 'besi buruk'.
I suggest you open and read the manual now.If not, it will take many,many years more;-)

Thunderbird? Takde malicious spying software install in the background ke? My Notebook is working on its own in the background and no matter how I try to remove the spyware, its still there.......

Interesting blog of the day. Of course one is never too old to learn technology as long as one has the drive,passion and perseverence.
At your age, you are doing alright. In fact you put to shame to some younger guys who know nuts about pda and smartphone. So that's smething to keep you going.
Have fun with your beloved Treo and iBook ;-)

I heard about spyware but I don't know how to detect it.I better check if any spies are lurking and residing in my computers.

Captain Xion,
Thanks for your words of encouragement and good wishes.Sometimes,I imagine you tweaking your Psion netbook and your Nokia 9500 in the cockpit of 747 on the way to London.That is great and cool while travelling at 10km up there with the speed of 1000km/h:-)

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