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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


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Here we go again!!!

Malaysia, having first class infra-structure and facilities but a 3rd world mentality.

After Mohd Hazman has been severely savaged by the Rottweiller. Everybody felt they have the right to comment including me. Mind you, even the word "savaged" is considerred rather mild in view of the 180 stitches, that the poor boy has to undergo. Kena 3 stitches pun terjerit terpekek terlolong. He must be a very brave boy indeed.

Minister of the Housing and Local Government felt he deserved an air time, not to be missed, is Sepang District Council member Datuk Marsung Paing.

All this rhetoric, may have been more suited to the 3rd world countries. Certainly not Malaysia, striving to be a developed country.

What we need is less talk more action. As mentioned by Abedib this is not the first time, this kind of incident has happened. Belief me it is not going to be the last. I am not trying to be pessimistic. We are adults enough, to fool and bull... ourselves.

For as long we adhered to the 3rd world mentality, believe me, this will persist. Start the count down! Someone please check when the next attack is going to take place. This is another case of EVERYBODY,SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, NOBODY. Yes nobody is doing anything, to prevent the recurring of this incident.
In this case somebody has caught the dog. This action only treat the symptom, but not curing the root cause of the problem.

A few friends of mine came back from the Putrajaya Hospital after visiting the poor boy.One of them asked me what my reaction would be if the terrible incident were to happen to my own son.I told her that definitely I would shoot the owner , then the dog.
I think these kind of breed should not be allowed in residental areas .The Minister Of Housing and Local Government should seriously look into this matter.I am pretty sure dog lovers and `dog organisations' would find their excuses, but again , `they are ' the kind of species who love and appreciate their dogs more then their neighbours!!Oh , how I hate it when I bounced into these dogs while jogging .

thing like this happened a few times here. the dog would be considered to be put down by the vet and the owner would be charged. no one escape, last year, even the queen's sister was charged and fined when her dog attacked a boy.

Assalamualaikum Pak Adib.

First time brave enough to leave a comment after reading your blog for quite sometimes.

I was raise in a taman with half of the house owners own dogs. I too had been attacked/bited by a dog. Happened when I was in primary six by one of the neighbours dog.

My father always tell me to slap dogs' nose if any try to attack. I guess am to scared to do that when it eventually took place. I was too panic too think.

I think Malaysian goverment should follow Japanese regulations. Dogs owners even have to pick up their dogs shits whenever their dogs shitting in public places, if not they can be charged. The japanese love to take their dogs for a walk and you can see them bringing along a plastic bag for that purpose. Sometimes you see children take the dogs out for a brief walk around the neighbours. The japanese think its a good way to teach kids responsibility.

Hi Pensil Kayu,

Finally you managed to get out of the shell. I share your excitement. Our symphaty to those who have not been able to do so.

Personally I have the English education system in UK to thank. For transforming a shy and quiet guy in me into what I am now. The opportunity I had while in a college in UK really helped me a lot.

Over there we were given the freedom to express your opinion, but you must be able to defend it. You were free to criticize but must be willing to be criticized. It worked both ways.

I observed a culture of "clamming-up" in our Higher Institution. I quit teaching in one of the local Universities several years ago. But still doing part-time lecturing, when invited. I observed this phenomenom affecting our students as well as our academic staff. I supposed, it is because of the "Surat Aku Janji" that is hanging over their head, reminding and "watching" them all the time. Even if you are not a student or a government servant you may be the next Jeff Ooi.

The rights of every individual in a society is limited to the individual's ownership of his freedom and pleasure but without usurping the rights of his neighbours. Loving animals is good, but owners must take responsbility and ensure he has a duty of care of his neighbours and to the society-at-large. In the absence of the duty of care, he should be indicted and penalized. Dog owners should be responsible citizens.

Where is the civic consciousness?

Malay Mail: 25th March 2005. Headline: Police will take action if the dogs surrenderred to police are not the ones which attecked the kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The owner must be some kind of a guy having the courage and the cheek, trying to hoodwink the police.

From the Pics, the dogs look like stray dogs, far from domesticated appearance. They looked unkempt.

I wonder who this guy is?

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