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Friday, January 28, 2005


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Abedib, when you smile at your neighbour, maybe you ter-wink. hehehhh... :)

Assalamua'laikum AbeDib& friends!

"Senyum itu sadaqah"....and yet susah orang nak senyum! (Senyum gelenyar not included in this category lah ok!)
I have experienced giving away smile and salams to people only to receive nothing in return...agaknya dia tak hadir kelas masa hari ustaz/ustazah dia ajar kalau org bagi salam wajib jawab dgn bagi org tu dengar atau kalau jauh dengan isyarat pun tak apa.

Biarlah diorang...orang tak nak senyum kat kita, kita tak rugi satu sen pun, kan AbeDib?!

May be I have a few missing teeth-that is why;-)
I should consider seeing my dentist for some NEW FALSE teeth.That may work:-)

a smile can go a long way :)

susah sungguh org msia esp. at service counters nak senyum. i dont think we'll ever get friendly greetings such as "how're you love?", "hi", "may i help", etc which are very common here.

a simple smile and "hi2 in msia would label us 'gatal' or 'mengada-ngada'... haiya.

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