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Monday, May 17, 2004


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My thanks to you in reminding me of some of the teachers in my life and without them, who would I be now:-
a) Mr Ung Khek Chow - My Math tution teacher in Ipoh. He use to give class in his Car porch. Whenever you come across Lat's caricature of a Math's teacher holding a cane, that would be Mr Ung. Man, he really makes us learn our formulae, we were so good, that we use to give the foreigner's tution in 1st part of A-Levels.
b) Master Quah and Master Kala, who teaches me Tae Kwan Do in Ipoh YMCA in 1977-1979. You should see the techniques of both these guys. They put the science in Tae Kwan Do - it is all about speed.
c) Ir Ho Khye Gim, who tutored me in the craft of being a structural Engineer especially how to do checkings on engineering drawings within 5 minutes. I remember submitting a drawing for a bridge and before I had the opputunity of sitting down in my cubicle, he had already called me back to tell me that the bridge will fail thru buckling.

You are welcome MR2Guy!
Many of us thought that our success is all due to our efforts.In fact, there are so many others who had contributed along our journey of success.In all humility, we must give due thanks to all of them and also be grateful to Allah swt for His mercy showered upon us.

Both my parents taught before they retired a few years ago; though my dad's last post was at the state education dept. many of them that gave their greatness to me. One particular man, the happy go lucky Cikgu Abd Malik Musadali who taught us Geography, did his job brilliantly yet so simple. Though he rarely attended our geography classes, he gave us the secret of understanding the core of the subject; to the extend that we could easily answer any question (for SPM) on any topic of any country that even only just created a second before we entered the exam hall > absolutely brilliant stuff! most of us at the school got A1 for geography. It's all about the foundation, basic ... which is a big time lacking in our edu (cuma nak quick result je, which is sitting on a crumbling base, or worst, no base at all).

abe dib,
my dad also keep asking me to become a lecturer (and return back home < this is his main point actuallynya, hehe). one fine day, insyaallah. and talking about Jawi, well... that was the most embarassing and terrifying subject in my early years at primary, just couldn't do it (even now, still). same as math, selalu kena rotan dgn pembaris kayu besar warna yellow (do they still use this item at school back home? probably not); just couldn't and still can't understand numbers :)
Selamat Hari Guru, including those who 'lanyak' me at schools.

The teacher I will remember forever and ever is Mr Lee Tong Hai, my Form3 Math teacher. He not only teach us good Math (we always get good results), but also teach us to discipline ourselves.

I still remember him saying:"kamu mesti buat daily timetable. Saya bangun pagi, 5.45am mesti mata saya buka secara automatik. Awak orang Islam mesti lagi senang sebab kena bangun semayang Subuh". He was very cultured. I thanked him for the student I was back then.

Good job bro - keep it up!

Thanks SDARboy for stopping by to read my blog.
Please give me the pleasure to know you.Just send me an email.(

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