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Thursday, April 01, 2004


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I agree with the notion of Headmasters and Principals to be responsible.
I discussed it with mom on the way to the office - she said the wardens should be more sensitive, etc. but the experience being a student of a boarding school myself, I still believe that a principal can 'shape' and 'mold' the teachers, wardens, staff and students - just like a leader. If you wanna see a school, see its headmaster.

My two cents~

the problems with many teachers is that they view teaching as a "job" and not a vocation or a calling. many hate their job. they are in it just for the salary. i know one headmaster who would go awol for days on ends. when a pupil passes out in front of him during assembly, he'd just continue and not even enquire afterwards if the kid lived or die.

when teachers hate their job, they suffer. the children suffer. they are unhappy. they children suffer. stop it and find another job. stop making teaching a job that one accepts when all the rest were rejected.

i didn't become a teacher because i have a bad temper and would probably kill a kid or two in the process. furthermore, it is a difficult occupation. it is not easy. the teachers who attempt to cover any of the abuses in their schools should be hanged. literally. they abuse the trust placed upon them.

Two similiar incident also happened last year Pak Adib. Both in the East Coast. Do you realized that MOE is taking a step backward by renaming their ministry to Kementerian Pelajaran? The name before it was named Kementearian Pendidikan. IMHO, 'Pelajaran' is incomplete referring only to secular & worldly knowledge only. 'Pendidikan' encompasess the eduaction of the mind & soul.

As my Principal said - "Insan Terdidik, Bukan Sekadar Terpelajar"

My 1/2 cent of worth.

Below is my response to Halela's posting at her blog:
I agree totally that the school administration (principal,teachers,warden,jaga etc) are jointly and severally accountable and resposible for the death(including the murderers).The central issue is the roles and responsibilies of the school vis a vis the parents.When the parents sent their kids to fully residential schools, the responsiblity of SAFETY of studentS have been TRANSFERED to the school authority.

Personally, I have been to two boarding schools from age of 13 to 20(Remove class to Upper six) and I have been the hostel captain and the head-boy when I was in my upper six in 1972.My experience was that many a time, the students are left to themselves with little supervision after study hours;what more at night!

The Ministry should have provided the policies and guidelines and the schools implement the intructions.And at the same time the State Education department ensure compliance through adequate safety audit!

Is there such a system in place? If there is, is it being complied?

At the same,IMHO, just get rid of the gangsters in our schools.

Abedib, during my time, gangsters with disciplinary problems will be sent home for 1-3 weeks (depends on severity of each case). After they came back, warden will monitor their progress and some brain washing sessions will be done.

If they repeat the same mistake, the school will be glad to send them home for good. Saves all the worries.

It's very risky to keep them in campus. They're like cancer, from one little spot, it'll kill once it multiplied!

During my time in an SBP, my classmate got badly beaten by 4 school thugs after they accused him as a teacher's mole. Apparently the day after, the Headboy came to see him. My friend, thinking that he was there to offer some kind of consolation was surprised when the then Headboy warned him not to report this event to his parents or the authority for fear of destroying the good name of the school. Even the wardens seemed to have the same opinion. Their idea of upholding the school's good name was one of a distorted vision. Sad isnt it? I wonder where that Headboy is right now.

At my boarding school, at least for the 5 years I was there, there wasn't probably a single day whereby there was no 'bashing'. Be it among students, or from the wardens/teachers. As it was only a SMS in the East Coast with sons and daughters of nobody, we were simply the punching bags for some aggresive wardens/teachers. Bullying among students was normal from the school's taiko.

I think, we need a national campaign at all levels (starting even from pre-school) against bullying, as it has been here in the UK.

My youngest son wants to go to a boarding school like his eldest brother.Now, he is thinking twice!!
Personally, I lived in a boarding school for 8 years and I would be glad if my son were to live with me until his SPM.
Our PM said that our education system needs nothing less than REVOLUTION! I just wonder who is oing to do it?
I hope to see it before the next election.If not,then CAKAP TAK SAPERTI BIKIN shall prevail:-(

I would agree that the staff and system have contributed to this cruel waste of a life but for me the real culprits are the parents of the "so called" gangsters.

Surely, the moral upbringing of children is first and foremost the responsibility of parents? Too many seem to simply abidicate this responsibility to the children's school.

Lucky are those amongst us whose parents cared enough for us to teach us wrong from right.

Pak adip I'd like to comment on did atok survived 5 years in such environment then?

Just be a 'passive' and low profile person. If you don't venture near their line (don't ever cross), you'll be save. However, once in a while they would bother you (still) in a 'lightly' manner just for their fun.

Some of the things happened to a few of my friends then (just a few examples):-
- slapped by our warden >his eye bled internally;
- slashed with rotan on his face just bcoz found wondering after 11pm (lights off);
- kicked and punched in the stomach coz forgot to bring PE clothes;
- kicked (takraw tekong style) by the warden in dining hall coz didn't bring glass to dinner.
- 2 penampar jepun from warden when caught smoking > ear bled internally.

Mmmm...those days.

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