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Wednesday, March 31, 2004


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I know how your son feels. My kids are the same, they pick up stray cats too and now I have 9 fat cats at home!

BTW, I have just finished reading all of Dan Brown's books (Digital Fortress, Angels & Demons, Da Vinci Code and Deception Point). Now you know why I have been very quiet.



I know how it feels as it happened to me before. Surely he will miss the cat for quite sometime. I still miss my cat, Engkok.

To Munir, don't be worry brother. Insyaallah there will be another to keep you company.


Felt sorry for your son. A kind hearted son you have there Pak Adib!

poor Munir. I know how he must have felt. Been there.

Thanks for your comments and kind words for my son. This loss is a good lesson for Munir to experience early in his life.As we get older ,all of us will face loss,sadness and disappointment at one time or the other.

My colleague's children lost rabbits recently. They promptly buried it and built a little kubur for the rabbits, complete with a miniature umbrella. Then it was a week of explaining to them why rabbits can never go to Heaven.

It amazes me how such simple events (like the death of a pet) become opportunities for parents to teach their children about the fundamentals of life.

By the way, the quote you mentioned has a verrrrry powerful message. Thank you for sharing it with us...

I know how it feels, moga Munir tabah. My daughter are the same. Last week her hamster got sick and dead yesterday...ya Abedib as we get older kita akan mulai merasa kehilangan.

thanks for visiting my blog.
Jangan Ada Dusta going to 2nd print now ;-)

I'm a cat devotee myself. If my cat weren't extremely jealous, I would pick up a stray cat whenever I saw one! I'm so sorry your son's cat died; it's tough.

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