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Tuesday, March 30, 2004


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Aiii.. sedap nampak nampak satay tu Abedib... still in Pandan area Abedib?

I suspect it takes quite an effort to listen to everyone, one person at a time, especially among old buddies, for your Deep Conversation sessions (and with the delicious smell of satay in the background).

What happens to a lot of people (myself included) in that sort of situation is to drift away from the table or to start having deep conversation with inner self rather than listening. I think the ability to listen and internalise without judging or concluding while others are presenting their views is itself a skill that needs to be learned and practiced (much like khusyuk in solat). The hardest challenge for me is to feel relaxed and have a real peace of mind.

Any useful and shareable conclusion to the Deep Conversation session? Or the truth is out there.

Wow! What a brilliant session!
I suspect it would take a great deal of self discipline to be in such discussion coz most of the time we fall into the abyss of anger and emotions, myself especially.

Well done to the sponsor!!!

Most people want to know the truth,but many are beating around the bush.If we ask the wrong questions,we will get the wrong answers.The art is therefore to have the ability to ask the right questions.

Not many people dared to take the journey to seek truths.The travellers will be tested along the way and the truths hurt.

did you record (taped, took notes) the entire session?

I didnot tape but as usual I took notes.

They say the reason why we are given two ears and one mouth so that we could listen more than we talk.

I've been through a discussion like this. I'm quite sure it was not called Deep Conversation then. Not really important though.

But one thing I can still remember is the conversation was very effective. I agree with Atok, Syukran to the sponsors (for more than satay!)

Er, next time nak open table, don't forget to invite me lah, Pak Adib! :)

Heyya Pak Adib!

This is a great exercise in listening. I had a similar exercise in college for my American Lit classes. My teacher called it "Suspending your belief system" as we read other people's experiences. I think it's great because we are not clouded by our personal biases in learning of other people's lives.

Thanks Anis for sharing your experience with us.Did you observe that sometimes,we can't wait to talk before someone has finished talking? I have seen more than two persons were talking at the same time in a group.Who is listening??
It is easier to talk than to listen!
In general, many people hear but a few are listening?How could thenwe learn from others!

Pak Adib, I have to confess, that at times, I don't listen (grins sheepishly)...I may appear to be listening, but at the same time, I'm arguing with the person in my heart over the points he/she raised, and really can't wait till they finish so I can raise my own points against them, hihi! should learn to listen without prejudice.

I am a lousy listener. I always fall asleep.

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