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Monday, February 23, 2004


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I have tried many restaurant and cafe in KLIA including the fast foods with the latest is Delifrance at the arrival hall. Just like other Delifrance I would say.

The muffins at Suria KLIA is quite delicious compared to other cafes there. They also served local food as well as western. Cafe besides the international departure gate is one that has good choice of sandwiches. The price is quite reasonable (for an airport gourmet cafe) AFAIK.

The one that I frequent is Express Cafe near gate A4 at the departure hall. May be due to its location that I choose to eat there esp for breakfast since I always take the first flight.

Previously there are cafes located at the viewing area but not anymore. Me think, the crowd is not there to give a decent income for the operators.

KLIA food court is not bad altogther. Did go there a few times before the days of ERL. Now, I only go to the cafes at level 5 or at XKL.

Cafe asides. For chocolate lovers do get your chocholates from departure hall outlet. The one loacted towards domestic departure. It is cheaper there compared to the shop in arrival.


KLIA? I've been there quite a few times, especially during my internship in a company nearby.

Somehow I never felt like eating there. I once bought two pack of milks and it costed me a small fortune. So, eating at the restaurants there? I'll pass. Don't you think it's too expensive, Pak Adib? Or is it just me, a student?

I agree with you that food and drinks at KLIA is expensive. Last week, it cost me RM 26 for two cups of coffee and two pasteries!

It is better and cheaper to have breakfast at home or along the way..

pak adib, on the costly food price, the rationale is : if you could afford the air ticket, why not the food?. same goes to the taxi fare. daa...

ok. kalu ada sesapa yg nak tahu pasal review on good / bad tmpt makan, pls visit my blog. few of us, baru saja nak mula review tmpt2 mkn yg ada. thx!


care to give the link to your blog? would love to share my experience on food also. BTW, do try out JoMKiTa at KL Sentral arrival area. Their juices is a must!


mhi, just click on my name kat bawah tu. i'll direct you to my blog.

next week i'll fly to kuching, so nanti i cuba JoMKita kat kl sentral. cheers!

KLIA used to be my 'playground' when I was in MMU - well, my friends and I went there after burning the midnight oil studying, just to relax and enjoy the view. We used to frequent Burger King since it's open 24-hours.
I agree with mhi that Suria KLIA's got nice food, western and local alike, and the Food Garden is not bad.
I never tried the Express Cafes at the departure halls - I guess I'm always 'running' to my gate since I usually eat before entering the hall to be able to dine with my husband before boarding my plane back to Kuching.


Try to reduce fast food comsumption. not good for everyone health. next time at Suria KLIA, get their choc muffin. Delicious!


I can't resist whopper at Burger King!

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