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Sunday, February 22, 2004


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Thanks fnd for the link to online chess.I never try it before but I also play chess on my palm pda.Never win any games:-(

why not we have a game or two after walking next Sunday. may be there are The Reader readers who wish to join can come along.. :-)



Is that a cigarette in your right hand? I hope not!


I was holding my SE T610 handphone. Thanks for your concerns.

I used to play rounds of chess with my Papa when I was around 10 years old. Sometimes I beat him, but most of the time it was me who lost. Aahhhh... the good old days (as if I'm very old).

Abedib, my brother will beat me at chess within the first 30 seconds (meaning: I'm not a good player). He represents the state, whereas I can only beat my 10yr old niece. :-(

bro adib,

you are right about seeing more people in (mainly) western countries playing chess outdoors or in the parks than over here - and even then you find the elderly folk taking part!

not many kids, IMHO, bother with chess these days, too slow and doesn't involve hand-eye reflexes! i think it probably involves too much thinking for them!

i learnt chess the old fashioned way - being taught by my elder brother and constantly being beaten before i eventually grasped my own 'style' and turned the tables around. but that was many. many years later!

on my palm i had Chess Tiger (v.15.1) - a nice powerful chess engine with some useful features which seemed interesting at the time but which i have never used since! notice the word 'had'! i have since given up playing with it as it tends to not make mistakes. and after the running score is something like 50+ games to 7 in favour of the pda - it does get you down a little! i prefer humans as they are fallible but haven't had the time to play a (real)live game for a while! did try to play online with two of my friends but along the way the games ran out of steam!

chess can be a real ego game though - as you match wits with your opponents - so it is a real challenge to see if you can out manouever them! i had acousin who solved her end game problems! she simply flipped the board before we could end the game! mind you that was a long, long time ago though!

much as i like football - the only equivalent to chess on the sports field is probably american football which is like one giant chess field! that needs strategising as well, more so in my view than football! of course you have to add in the physical attributes of the players as well - which makes the game more of a complete all round game. something for everybody - the statisticians, the tacticians and those with just sheer brute strength!

a bit out of topic here - but any plans for the next "park walk"? two weeks ago on a sunday morning - you will not believe who we bumped into - tun dr m! maybe some of you have had the chance to get up and personal with him - but for me & my wife - this was as close as it gets!


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