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Tuesday, February 24, 2004


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It was years ago that I was given a book as a present. Nowadays I buy one for myself. But I prefer magazines. Popular Science anyone?

Maybe I should start reading a book again. Anyone kind enough to buy me one? :-)

I still prefer to give story books to my nieces/nephews for their birthdays. But kids nowadays are hook on computer games rather than books!

The Da Vinci Code is on 20% discount at Kinokuniya.The price is about RM 29.

If any body wants free books, go to amcorp mall this sunday(29/2).There is a group of do-gooders who called themselves malaysian-bookcrossers(I am also a member) who will free their books at around 2pm.

For those who are really interested in codes or cryptography,do not miss to visit Bletchley Park (about one hour from London) to see the enigma machines in person. You can read more about it in a book entitled Station X by Micheal Smith.That was the place where British Intelligence broke German U-boats encrypted messages during WW2.

What a pity. All the great events I could use, like free books, are held in the Klang Valley. *sigh

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