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Wednesday, February 18, 2004


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It's embarrasing innit?

The problem is kan Pak Adib, how do you distinct between social users and addicts?

Some of my "comrades" say they take weed occassionally but claim that they are not addicted to it, just for some fun only lar. I know somehow, weed is not as severe as coke (kokain)

Some take coke for exams because it keeps them hyper for a week. But I noticed most of these people are not constantly on coke, unless they want to.

But then again, some claim they can't do without it, after a certain period of time. Mesti ambikla, even if little bit (especially constant users of weed, and occasional users of coke)

They don't usually look like addicts, mengggigil² and all that? But are they considered part of the pool? or potential addicts?

I see them in malaysia, I see them overseas. The funniest thing though, they always told me not to try those drugs anyway.


U r rite linie, even my relative who was once an addict.. an addict.. really in a bad shape for years until one fine day that he find his way out. don't know how.. but it happen. also givingme his advise.. not to try it at all.

alhamdulillah he manage to kembali ke pangkal jalan.


Pak Adib, I am currently volunteering for Mercy Malaysia Drug Rehab Assistance Program (DRAP), where we have a pool of volunteers assisting recovering addicts who seek rehabilitation at private drug rehab homes (not Pusat Serenti), in many ways.

Most of the 'sahabat' we met relayed that their addiction started from 'cuba-cuba', 'saja suka-suka', peer pressure, and the likes. And yes, 8 out of 10 former addicts I met are Malays. It's sad to see Malay youngsters succumb easily to insecurity, pressure and unguided curiousity.


Tahniah! Not many people will take time to do volunteer work these days.

I am also helping MERCY work in my own way.I look forward to see more of us doing charitable work.

We shall be rewarded,if it not here then it will be in the Hereafter.

Asalamualaikum Abedib.
This is the first time I have the opportunity to browse through your blog. Great, a good piece of job! I used to dream since long ago, and still dreamimg to have this kind of thing on my own. It's not time, but my commitment, or the lack of it that keeps me from doing such things yet. I believe I do have ideas to share with others, that I could not do it through political involvement or business activities. Well, now I have a computer and the line, may Allah make it easier for me.

About the drug addicts, did you ask, how many percent of them are male/female? Relate that with IPT enrolment, labour market availability....oh ummahku...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Please donot wait to do something good;for time is limited.

Regarding male/female composition,I am sorry I didnot ask.

On Ummah:
Even on his death-bed,our prophet Muhamad saw was still praying for his ummah.

Dear Adib, I am desperately trying to find out about private drug rehab centres, other than Persatuan Pengasih, maybe those affiliated with Mercy and somewhere near Kajang or KL. I have somebody close who really needs rehab. Assalamualaikum.Nor

This is very bad for Malaysia.Have to stop this!



Addiction treatment and recovery resources for the addict and their families.

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